First thought after buying a Superbike!!
This one's gonna be quite long as I'm gonna be honest. Well, Finally a Revzilla quality page/store for Quality riding gear for Indians. To be honest, I thought the prices where really high for most of the products, after some research I was really shocked to see the prices are really cheaper than if I where to import them myself and the duties and the headache which I'd have to deal with to clear the product!!. A 5star rating for the pricing considering the fact that conversion rates are high and import duties/costs are really high !!. I personally had top quality customer service, the owner himself was directly in contact with me. I was promptly not asked to do any advance payment by the boss himself and was asked to do the payment only after the product had reached him and only after he had sent me pics of the product asked for. A big thumbs up for their trust in the customer and not bugging about the payments. All and any of my questions where answered to without any attitude/rudeness at any time of the day. probably I cannot ask a better Customer service. The guys can get you literally any products even if they are not listed on the website, only condition being it needs to be in production, Which I dont blame them for. My first buy has been a hassle free and I will definitely buy many more stuff from them without a 2nd thought.
ARJUN PAI, Bangalore